As cloud adoption grows, so do tech management roles

Cloud’s recognition has advanced from lift-and-shift to assisting data-pushed infrastructure. According to a latest Denodo survey, “IT is not the ‘employed hand’ of business.”

The nature and scope of cloud paintings are converting fast. There’s a more cognizance on records delivery, and the cappotential of cloud offerings to help records-pushed projects including synthetic intelligence and superior analytics. This way accelerated and extra seen roles for IT groups, who’re shifting from roles as cloud implementors to enterprise consultants.

These are a few takeaways from a current survey of big groups through Denodo, which unearths modifications withinside the roles of IT groups of their cloud modernization journeys. “Getting educated to help cloud needs” is now the pinnacle position for IT, now exceeding closing yr’s pinnacle position of “selecting the cloud provider.” This shows that “IT is not the ’employed hand’ of enterprise,” the survey’s authors state. “IT is a pal of the enterprise, constructing bridges among IT, the strains of enterprise, and government management.”

While assisting Software as a Service engagement changed into the pinnacle cloud motive force this yr, it changed into accompanied intently through efforts to set up cloud-primarily based totally records warehouses, records lakes, and lakehouses. These records-pushed projects had been mentioned as pinnacle tasks through 48% of respondents. “Having migrated key workloads to the cloud, in reality a subsequent step for lots agencies is locating an area to keep the brand new records they then start to acquire,” the survey’s authors note. “They are experiencing a not unusualplace dilemma: ‘Where are we going to place all of this new records we appear to be acquiring?'”

Hybrid maintains to rule because the triumphing architecture — for the 1/3 yr in a row, hybrid cloud with 38% of responses, would be the pinnacle deployment model. Twenty percentage are the usage of public clouds exclusively, and 17% are using multi-cloud approaches. “This underlines the reality that on-premises structures
do now no longer absolutely take a seat down idle while agencies undertake cloud generation,” the survey’s authors factor out. “Companies have many proper reasons, regulatory compliance amongst them, for now no longer absolutely forsaking on-premises structures while the generation panorama modifications.”

Issues being encountered encompass dealing with protection, compliance, and governance of clouds (diagnosed through 72% of respondents), accompanied through restricted abilities in dealing with cloud structures (62%). “Security, compliance, and governance will constantly be a mission while first migrating to the cloud, as groups will want a bird’s-eye view throughout each on-premises and cloud structures, simultaneously, and could want seamless approaches to put in force protection and governance protocols throughout each structures,” the authors note. “Fortunately, present day techniques like logical records material can cope with those needs.”

In addition, the survey unearths Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) walking neck in neck for dominance of the cloud market. In the 2020 and 2021 surveys, Azure changed into a nostril in advance of AWS. This yr, AWS takes returned its lead over Azure (45% to 26%). Another 8�ployed at the Google Cloud Platform.

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